Swarm Analytics

The Brain for the Camera

Real-time information about objects
in the smart city

Information basis for smart city solutions

GDPR compliant video analysis

Plug & play


Urban Traffic

Counting, classification, and tracking of cars, pedestrians, vans, bikes, buses, trucks, trucks + trailers for the creation of heatmaps, origin-destination (OD) matrices, and speed estimations.

Possible uses

  • Traffic counting
  • Vehicle classification
  • Crowd dynamics
  • Queue-length-monitoring


Identification of occupied
and free parking lots, time measurement of parking objects, and classification of cars, vans, buses, and trucks.

Possible uses

  • Single- and multi-space parking lot management
  • Long-time parking detection
  • Average parking time determination
  • Identification of parking behavior

Public Transport

Detection and counting of
people and objects in the vehicle
as well as the determination of
capacity status based on defined limits.

Possible uses

  • People counting
  • Real-time capacity monitoring
  • Usage trend evaluation over the traveled route
  • Adaption to target group needs and environmental conditions

Indoor Space

Detection, classification, and tracking of people for heatmaps, crowd dynamics, and
origin-destination (OD) matrices for areas like malls, retail stores, office buildings, and shopping streets.

Possible uses

  • People counting
  • Average length of stay
  • Room or area utilization
  • Building automation
  • People flow management
  • Measure advertisement effectiveness

Our Product – The Swarm Perception Box

Real-time analysis of 1 Full HD video stream ✓

For object detection, classification, properties, and events all-in-one ✓

For plug and play installations ✓

For new and existing cameras ✓

Centrally manageable for thousands of devices ✓

No software or hardware development needed ✓

No special configuration and training needed ✓

Full hardware support ✓
Advanced replacement ✓
All software updates and upgrades ✓
OS & Neural Network/Application ✓

All-inclusive net price, 950 € annual license fee, minimum order quantity 10 pcs.

Installation example

The Swarm Perception Box is installed right at the location of the camera and protected by an Outdoor Box.

The installation involves the connection to the camera, electricity, and internet connectivity.


310,000 Euro grant for Innsbruck-based AI startup Swarm Analytics

October 4, 2019

Tyrolean start-up Swarm Analytics receives six-figure investment

July 18,2019

Swarm Analyitics visits Mobility.Pioneers 2019
in Munich

February 6, 2019