Using Regions of Interest to Get Insights About ‘People Crowding’

It is easy to make assumptions, but it is hard to make good decisions!

Crowds and people flow are critical topics in urban environments, especially with Covid-19, when social interactions should be limited and busy places avoided. However, when monitoring busy areas, reliable data is key in order to make good decisions.

The Swarm Perception Box can be used to easily and affordably count and monitor the movement of people, groups, and crowds in streets, squares, shops, and public transport. This empowers you to really understand the local situation, trigger real-time alerts, and take safety measures if needed.

Examples: Setting Regions of Interest for crowd monitoring in public spaces

Hardware Installation

The Swarm Perception Box is installed together with a (new or existing) conventional IP camera at the location you wish to monitor (e.g. shop, park, or junction).

Drawing Regions of Interest (ROI)

Next, the Swarm Perception Box is easy to configure via the Swarm Control Center. You can create, adjust, name, and save your ROI within minutes. This central management platform makes it easy and fast to obtain the people crowding data you need.

Configuration of a ROI in the Swarm Control Center

Example: real-time data and insights

Maintaining the Privacy of Individuals

Although data is generated by analysing video camera streams, the privacy of individuals is fully protected. This is ensured through an innovative approach which “translates” video streams directly into real-time anonymous data. No pictures or videos are saved, but data (consisting of numbers and words) are sent directly to the respective operator. Therefore, it is 100 % GDPR-compliant.

danielUsing Regions of Interest to Get Insights About ‘People Crowding’