Your use-case, your choice!

Get started with the Power of Swarms’ Perception Technology by either using the pre-configured hardware appliances or by direct integration within your hardware through our software appliance.

Swarm Analytics product, the Virtual Perception Box also called VPX

Virtual Perception Box


The VPX is built for bringing the full Swarm Perception Technology to YOUR hardware with full control of the system around.

365 € per year, per camera stream

The Swarm Perception Box is Swarm Analytics smart and simple product

Swarm Perception Box P100


Built with power efficiency and a small form factor in mind, the P100 allows simple integration and easy usage.

950 € per year

The Swarm Outdoor Perception Box is Swarm Analytics product built for outdoor usage

Swarm Outdoor Perception Box OP100


Out-of-the-box deployable solution that can be operated through LTE and WiFi with an integrated PoE Port for direct camera connections.

1450 € per year


Scalable. Reliable. Built for integration

Management where you want it, computation where you need it!

The Swarm Perception Platform is built with central management in mind, which allows fast and easy roll-out, management, and configuration. The core concept is to bring the computation as close as possible to the data sources while keeping all management centralized. This is possible by using Swarm Perception Boxes or by deploying the Virtual Perception Box to your hardware. This puts you in the driver’s seat, you decide where the computation happens!

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