The Swarm Control Center is the central management-hub for all your Swarm Perception Boxes or Swarm Outdoor Perception Boxes. This platform enables you to centrally install updates, run basic monitoring, and easily configure new devices from a single-entry point. Since the Swarm Control Center is based on a dark environment approach, it is ensured that Swarm Analytics has no access to your data or management traffic at any time.

✔ Overview of all your devices and their status

✔ New features & functionalities are added through software updates

✔ Interactive user interface

Documentation & QuickStart guide

✔ Free of charge for customers with a current subscription

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  • Name device

  • Select model

  • Define camera connection

  • Define MQTT connection

  • Retrieve frame of the camera stream

  • Select between predefined solutions and models in the expert mode

Innsbruck, AustriaSwarm Control Center