People Insights ‘Virtual Door’ for Retail Capacity Monitoring

In Retail, it is critical to always know what’s going on. Malls, stores, or supermarkets need highly accurate insights in capacity statuses and visitor numbers to measure performance and optimise operations. Having the latest data always at your fingertips in real-time also helps to improve decision making. The pandemic has made capacity monitoring and maintaining

How Can You Use Your Existing Cameras and IT Infrastructure to Gain Smart Data?

You want to gain smart insights into your business but don’t want to exchange your entire camera system for smart cameras? Investing in expensive counting systems is not an option for you? Now you have the chance to gain smart insights cost-efficiently using your existing cameras. How does this work? With a device for your

How Can New Traffic Flow Insights Improve Decision-Making in Cities?

Making good decisions about urban traffic relies on actual data about roads, intersections, and bike paths throughout the city. When you think about traffic counting, what comes to your mind? Probably traffic counting students, who manually count cars while standing on the side of the road. Although this practice is well-known, decisions based on this information are

How Can Stores Comply With COVID-19 Safety Rules?

Supermarkets and their employees are working extremely hard to provide fresh food, hygiene products, and essential items to all of us. Even when we stay home as much as possible, supermarkets remain open so we can get our essential supplies. However, preventing over-crowding can be difficult when there are too many people in the supermarket.

How Has COVID-19 Changed Vehicle and Pedestrian Traffic?

What happens when people limit their social interactions and work from home? People should have little reason to go outside or use their car, except for going food-shopping or going for a short walk. So, the streets should be quite empty in these times, right? Nevertheless, the current situation can be very challenging for authorities

How AI Technology Could Give You More Freedom During COVID-19

Many people have privacy concerns relating to video cameras, especially when this is combined with AI technology. However (when properly controlled and regulated) this could, in fact, be actually something that offers people more freedom as the COVID-19 pandemic progresses. Providing some more freedom will be politically, economically, and socially critical, as it looks like

How Effective are Recommendations for Staying at Home in Times of COVID-19?

Traffic Monitoring and People Insights Measures for limiting social interactions have recently become more and more restrictive. Nevertheless, we hear news about people meeting in parks to enjoy the nice weather. Also, traffic volumes should have dropped as a result of new guidelines. Could data help in identifying critical areas and taking appropriate actions?  

Using Traffic Insights to Master Smart City Challenges

What city does not have to deal with traffic jams, bottlenecks, or parking? These days probably very few. Therefore, all people who are living in, working in, or visiting cities have to deal with waiting times, air pollution, and frustration. So the question is, what could cities do to become more efficient and react to

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