Swarm at Wirtschaftsdialog 2018

“Intelligent technology – our future?” was the theme of the 15. Wirtschaftsdialog of the bank company Tiroler Sparkasse this week. The increasing presence of intelligent systems can make our life better and easier – they take work off our hands and save us time. Expectations towards these technologies are thus big. But are they realistic? These and more aspects were discussed at the event, which revolved around technological innovation in the area of artificial intelligence and machine learning, their risks and opportunities, and use in practice.

And because we at Swarm are developing intelligent technology, we were invited to showcase our approach to analyzing traffic data by applying local intelligence. At the stage, our founder Michael shared his experience with machine learning in Swarm’s operations. To read more about the event, click here.

Swarm AnalyticsSwarm at Wirtschaftsdialog 2018
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