For gaining reliable and affordable insights into retail operations, we developed a device for upgrading existing cameras with AI technology. This enables real-time analysis of camera streams to gather information about capacity, frequency, people flow, and the number of persons in regions of interest. Next to that, the plug & play deployment of the device and the use of standard data formats ensure easy integration into your ecosystem. Since the data is directly extracted from the video stream, no pictures are sent at any time, which ensures 100% GDPR compliance.

Retail Stores, Supermarkets, and Malls need:

  • Reliable frequency and capacity insights
  • Continuous real-time data all year long
  • 100 % GDPR compliant, maintaining the privacy of customers
  • Fast and easy deployment and management

Swarm Analytics delivers this


Key Delivery 1: Entry and exit counting
Reliable recognition and counting of people entering and leaving a retail space for frequency and capacity insights to a high-accuracy.

Key Delivery 2: Real-Time 24 x 365
Continuous real-time data gathering to identify customer number developments and create long-term data mock-ups.

Key Delivery 3: Number of persons in regions of interest
Reliable recognition and counting of people in specific areas like stores, entrance areas, or escalators.

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