For gaining reliable and affordable insights into retail operations, we developed a device for upgrading existing cameras with AI technology. This enables real-time analysis of camera streams to gather information about people flows, visitor demographics, and parking behavior. Next to that, the plug & play deployment of the device and the use of standard data formats ensure easy integration into your ecosystem. Since the data is directly extraction from the video stream, no pictures are send at any time, which ensures 100% GDPR compliance.

✔ For new & existing cameras

✔ Plug & Play deployment

✔ 100 % GDPR-compliant


People Flow

Gain comprehensive insights into the people flow throughout the retail space and identify specific points of high interest.

  • Duration of stay: Monitor the duration for which a person is staying in the retail area, using anonymous people re-identification.
  • People flow tracking: Identify points of high
    interest or waiting times through heat maps.

People Insights

Obtain valuable insights into visitor demographics and identify frequent visitors based on peoples’ visual appearance.

  • Age and Gender insights: Obtain useful customer insights by estimating their age and making gender classifications.
  • Frequent visitor recognition: Use visual characteristics of people to re-identify people.
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