For Customers and Partners who want to easily, fast and affordably get smart and trustworthy smart city and retail insights in real-time, the Swarm Perception Box is an AI-based sensor that can analyze video streams, from standard IP Cameras. Swarm Perception Boxes are super-fast to deploy as they work with almost any IP Camera via plug & play deployment and easy central management. As a smart Software-Defined Sensor, it is constantly updated at no extra cost. The Swarm Perception Box is affordably and fairly priced, via a predictable all-inclusive annual fee. No hidden costs.

Swarm Perception Box P100

The Swarm Perception Box® transforms conventional cameras into intelligent visual sensors.

Swarm Outdoor Perception Box OP100

The Swarm Outdoor Perception Box is built to deliver highly optimized computer vision algorithms within a small & compact form-factor.

Swarm Control Center

The Swarm Control Center is the central management-hub for all your Swarm Perception Boxes.