For gaining reliable and affordable insights into parking, we provide a device for upgrading existing cameras with AI technology. This enables the gathering of real-time data about single-spaces and parking space entries & exits. Next to that, easy integration into your ecosystem is ensured through a plug & play installation and the use of standard data formats. Since the data is extracted directly from the video stream, no pictures are sent at any time, which ensures 100 % GDPR compliance.

✔ For new & existing cameras

✔ Plug & Play deployment

✔ 100 % GDPR-compliant


Single-Space Monitoring

Identify vacant and occupied parking spots 24/ 7 to monitor the parking space capacity and use real-time data to feed parking guiding systems.

  • Parking time measurement: Monitor the duration for which a parking space is occupied by a vehicle.
  • Vehicle classification: Identify up to 4 classes of parking objects, including cars, vans, motorcycles, and trucks.

Entry & Exit Counting

Use vehicle counting information to monitor the capacity status of a parking space and obtain insights about the vehicle owners.

  • Number plate recognition: Obtain valuable customer insights by recognizing number plates and city code.
  • Frequent parker identification: Use licence plate recognition and visual characteristics of vehicles to identify frequent parkers.

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