How quantifying the world can support the fight against COVID-19

Currently, the world increases safety measures and rules in order to slow down the spread of Covid-19. Therefore, it is recommended that people should minimize their social interactions and employees should work from home.

What if you had real-time information?

  • We can tell where and how many people are and define critical areas
  • We can verify if safety measurements and rules are working as expected or if movements are still the same
  • We can monitor capacity & utilization of public transportation in order to forecast the impact of route outages

Since we are closely following the developments of COVID-19 as a company, we have changed our roadmap in order to focus on GDPR compliant solutions, suitable for delivering information in order to support affected regions & cities. We are currently developing solutions for crowd & capacity monitoring in order to deliver granular insights for the following scenarios:

Crowd Monitoring

  • Identification of busy & high-traffic areas and public places
  • Counting of people and quantification of group-sizes
  • Origin-Destination based tracking & counting in order to get movements insights

Capacity Monitoring

  • Capacity information gathering through the utilization of on-board surveillance systems (amount of people on board, distribution of passengers)
  • Suitable for all types of busses, trains and stations

Therefore, we close the gap in the geo data from mobile providers and deliver highly precise, local information through standard surveillance cameras in real-time. Since we’re using our internal, edge-based technology, we ensure GDPR compliant data gathering.

Examples of Data 

People counting with defined limits

Number of people in an area now

We would be very pleased to contribute to overcoming this crisis with our technology and the resulting information!
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