Swarm Analytics develops revolutionary AI technology for transforming cameras into smart sensors. It is able to extract real-time information from video streams directly at their source with unparalleled efficiency.

Turning simple cameras into GDPR compliant smart sensors leads to smarter, faster, easier and trustworthy solutions while increasing affordability.  Objects can be detected, classified and followed providing insights without collecting personal data. Based on Swarm Analytics sensor technology, the solution partners deliver a broad range of end-to-end smart city solutions for traffic, parking, public transport, and retail.

Founded in 2018 in Innsbruck, Austria its products are already in use throughout Europe and North America. They are available as ready to use edge hardware and as virtual software packages.


We are Swarm Analytics – a strong team of business enthusiasts, software engineers, and go-to-market experts.

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“MAD has been with Swarm Analytics from the beginning. We are convinced that applied AI is one of the hottest topics in the future. Cameras that see and, at the same time, answer questions are the closest to human access to information. When it was clear that this included data protection, we were and are enthusiastic about Swarm Analytics.”

Wieland Alge, Co-Founder and Partner at MAD

“Swarm Analytics has an experienced management team, well-known customers, and a strong international orientation. The processing of traffic data for smart cities is a huge growth market that has met a strong interest of investors in our network.”

Markus Kainz, CEO and Co-Founder of primeCrowd

Innsbruck, AustriaCompany