Swarm Analytics’ core competence is to deliver low-footprint video analysis algorithms based on deep learning. By creating meaningful insights – like object detection, tracking, or heatmapping – from standard camera feeds, we empower our partners to tackle information-sourcing problems within the fields of Urban Traffic, Public Transport, Parking, Retail and Smart Buildings. The real-time information can be used for process optimization, planning, or future control mechanisms. By bringing the analysis intelligence as close as possible to the data source, we enable the generation of real-time data while fully preserving the privacy of the individual.


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“MAD has been with Swarm Analytics from the start. We are convinced that applied AI is one of the hottest future topics. Cameras that see something and can answer many questions at the same time are the closest to human access to information. When it was clear that this included data protection, we were and are enthusiastic about Swarm Analytics.”

Wieland Alge, Co-Founder and Partner at MAD

“Swarm Analytics has an experienced management team, well-known customers, and a strong international orientation. The processing of traffic data for smart cities is a huge growth market that has met a strong interest of investors in our network.”

Markus Kainz, CEO and Co-Founder of primeCrowd

Innsbruck, AustriaCompany