About Us

We are an Applied AI company headquartered in Innsbruck, Austria. Our core competence is to deliver low-footprint video analysis algorithms based on deep learning for resource-constrained hardware.

By creating meaningful insights – like object detection, tracking or heatmapping – from standard camera feeds with this technology solution, we enable our business customers and partners to tackle several of the most important problems of information sourcing within the fields of urban traffic, public transport, parking, and retail management.

The results can be used for process optimization, planning precision or future control mechanisms. Bringing the analysis intelligence as close as possible to the data source, we generate real-time and hyper-local data while fully preserving the privacy of the individual.


  • Barbara Govers Product Marketing Manager

  • Christian Connert Software Developer

  • Georg Westner Co-Founder & Chief Software Architect

  • Michael Bredehorn Co-Founder & CEO

  • Michael Rogger Software Development Team Lead

  • Nikola Vrlazić QA Engineer

  • Sandro Greppmayr Finance and Administration Specialist

  • Sarah Nobis People & Culture Manager

  • Wieland Alge CFO