Since our foundation in 2018, we have been growing rapidly and are looking for ambitious people who would love to contribute to one of the technology world’s most interesting fields: Applied AI! We solve real-world problems of our business partners with our enthusiasm for technology.

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At Swarm Analytics, everyone plays a key role in growing the company. Come challenge the status quo of the industry with us and apply via our online application portal!


Practical Mindset

International Experience

Technical Excellence


Work with Experts and an Ambitious International Team

The Chance to Build Up a Company from its Beginnings

An Office in the Heart of the Alps


Would you like to apply for a job at Swarm Analytics? Take a look below at our FAQ where we answer some of your questions.

Are you interested in a specific position? If so, then please send us your application via our online application portal, which we use for the application process. To do this, click on the job that interests you in the open vacancies overview. Right next to the job description, you can find the application form in which you can enter your contact details and upload your CV. If you have any questions, you can always contact us by phone or e-mail.

Please upload your current CV and any relevant certificates or documents you would like us to consider. We would also like to know how you heard about us and the open position, which you can enter in the respective field in the online application form.

Your application will, of course, be processed and stored in compliance with data protection regulations. Both the recruiter and the relevant team lead examine and review the documents so that we can find the right colleagues for us. Upon completion of the application process, we will delete your documents unless you wish to be included in our applicant pool.

After submitting your application, you will receive an automatic confirmation that we have received it. Your application will be forwarded to the relevant team lead and will be reviewed by them and the recruiter. If your application has convinced us, we will invite you to a personal or online interview within two to three weeks. Our written invitation to the interview will also include information regarding who from our team will be present. As a rule, the team lead as well as a recruiter attend the interview. If appropriate, another colleague may participate in the interview, too. The interview usually lasts from 30 min. to 1 hour. After the interview, we usually take 3-4 working days to decide whether we proceed with your application.

While speed in filling an open position is important for us, we surely take our time to find the right colleague. The starting dates stated in the job descriptions serve as an orientation for the time when we need to have this position filled, but there is always some degree of flexibility.

If you want to learn more about Swarm Analytics, take a look through our website, our blog and our social media channels:

We want to build a strong local team in Innsbruck and therefore prefer working together face-to-face. Working from home is always possible temporarily. Also, the amount of remote work depends on the position.

Before you start working at Swarm Analytics, we will, of course, manage the required paperwork including your employment contract, insurance etc. Also, you will get to know the team and learn more about your future position. If you have questions, we are available to answer them at any time.

During your first days at Swarm Analytics, we will introduce you to the organization, our goals, vision, background, to the position you will fill and the contribution you will make. However, onboarding processes, especially well-structured ones, are often associated with large companies with HR departments. At Swarm Analytics, structures and processes are only developing and evolving, and people wear many hats! Of course, the team is always there to help each other.

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