How Effective are Recommendations for Staying at Home in Times of COVID-19?

Traffic Monitoring and People Insights

Measures for limiting social interactions have recently become more and more restrictive. Nevertheless, we hear news about people meeting in parks to enjoy the nice weather. Also, traffic volumes should have dropped as a result of new guidelines. Could data help in identifying critical areas and taking appropriate actions?


Traffic Monitoring Data

Usually, it is quite busy on the road during the week. Using the AI technology on the Swarm Perception Box, it is now easy to measure traffic by automatically counting all vehicles on a specific road with just a cheap (<€50) IP Camera. Since the data is gathered from a live video stream, you can detect what is happening on the road in real-time and generate immediate alerts. The collected data can also be used to compare traffic volumes for different vehicle types over the last hours, weeks, and months.

In the following real-world example from Austria, over the last few days, it appears that the COVID-19 measures had a significant impact on traffic volumes, causing smaller traffic peaks and lower traffic numbers in general.

Example: Counting line, for capturing traffic and pedestrian volumes

Data for People Insights

If the number of people moving on the streets and in public places is of special interest, people can be counted as well. In the graph below, real-time numbers of people walking on the street are compared to defined safe ‘crowding’ limits. The insights about events where safety limits are exceeded could support decisions about increased safety measures. As the data is collected automatically in real-time, alerts could be sent immediately.

Maintaining the Privacy of Individuals

Although traffic monitoring and data for people insights are generated with the aid of surveillance cameras, the privacy of individuals is fully protected. This is ensured through an innovative approach which “translates” video streams directly in real-time data. No picture ever leaves the camera, but messages, consisting of numbers and words, are sent to the respective operator to put the insights directly into use. Therefore, its also 100 % GDPR-compliant.

danielHow Effective are Recommendations for Staying at Home in Times of COVID-19?
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