How Has COVID-19 Changed Vehicle and Pedestrian Traffic?

What happens when people limit their social interactions and work from home? People should have little reason to go outside or use their car, except for going food-shopping or going for a short walk. So, the streets should be quite empty in these times, right? Nevertheless, the current situation can be very challenging for authorities

How AI Technology Could Give You More Freedom During COVID-19

Many people have privacy concerns relating to video cameras, especially when this is combined with AI technology. However (when properly controlled and regulated) this could, in fact, be actually something that offers people more freedom as the COVID-19 pandemic progresses. Providing some more freedom will be politically, economically, and socially critical, as it looks like

How Effective are Recommendations for Staying at Home in Times of COVID-19?

Traffic Monitoring and People Insights Measures for limiting social interactions have recently become more and more restrictive. Nevertheless, we hear news about people meeting in parks to enjoy the nice weather. Also, traffic volumes should have dropped as a result of new guidelines. Could data help in identifying critical areas and taking appropriate actions?